I Was There

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

(For Michelle, for Jess).

I was there the moment that you died.........
Watched over your passing with all the love I had
Didn’t try to save you, should I have tried?
You had both your feet planted firmly in the next world

Breathing your last, beautiful butterfly
Watching your colors fade s your light surely died
And you looked at me with a world of thoughts beyond words
Beautiful butterfly forever linked with me

I have tried to retrace the steps of your life
What brought you on that day
to cross paths with mine
And why you got caught in the crosswind and why I was fine
And the ties that bind

Caught in the breeze
Feel your strength and life
Float away on the breeze
I talk a lot to God and he tells me you’re free
We connected in that moment
You and me

And cause I talk to God
I just don’t know if I
Was moved upon the day
To be with you as you die
I guess I’m just not
Supposed to know why
Beautiful butterfly...

And every day it seems to me
Another butterfly falls
Buffeted by winds of man
Too strong, so tall
And how do I help millions and millions of butterflies at all
Beautiful butterfly

{January 20, 2019 - on the anniversary of the Bourke Street shooting]

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