a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

they asked if they could come early
so I arrived at noon
so now it's twelve-fifteen
guess I've come too soon
it's very, very frustrating
rushing to get here on time
they've preserved their options
yet couldn't care a dime
sometime it feels as if
my time has no real value
and I live at the whim of others
(though I know that it's not true)
I really do have choices
I could hide behind a tree
and finally when they get here
they could wait for me
oh, playing games may be foolish
but the angry child within
needs to seek diversion
(I don't want to jump in the bin)
I've already had the pleasure
of chatting with my son
over coffee at his cafe
it was a lot of fun
yesterday my daughter
and granddaughter welcomed us
for lunch at their home
they made a special fuss
and last night we had supper
with my partner's daughter's family
so really there's very little reason
to be too cross for long, I agree

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