My Magic Carpet Adventure. Musketeer Challenge. #97.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

It was a dusty old chest, hidden away,
that I, with nothing to do one dull day,
found in the attic, covered in dust.
Smelling of damp, mould and must
it caught my eye - though barely seen.
With care I pulled it out; wiped it clean,
intrigued as to what it might hold?
Then I, being nosey, and somewhat bold,
removed its bonds, wide leather straps,
and opened it up, in hopes perhaps,
inside I’d find a link with the past.
Like a relic of a buccaneer, or a cast
away Musketeer hat: feather complete,
or his bejewelled sword, lost in defeat!
Many possibilities, raced through my mind,
as I raised the lid, to see what I’d find?
But all I saw, badly stained and soiled,
was a thread bare carpet, with a cord coiled
tightly around, which I carefully eased,
for the unknown had my senses teased.
Once it was laid out on the bare attic floor,
I felt a strong urge to seek the reason for
this carpet being hidden away for so long?
There was no explanation found, but a song
quite unexpectedly, flashed through my mind!
The lyrics of which, implied I would find
one, if I sat on this dusty carpet. Did I
think it might possess magical powers? Why
did I feel compelled to open that old chest?
Did it possess a secret, arcane force, to test
my inquisitive mind? Was it happenstance,
that the new VN Challenge, had perchance
presented an opportunity, to test my poetic skill?
Certainly coincidence, played its part, and will
guide my tale as I unfold events that took place
that day, when a Magic Carpet, would grace
me with an idea that was only a dream, it’s true,
but it’s a story which I intend to reveal to you.
This of the day I sat astride a carpet, and flew
into the blue sky! I honestly swear it’s true
as I searched for a good reason, as to why
that battered old chest, had caught my eye?
Was there a dark secret held therein?
Solely intended for close kith and kin?
Would I find reasons for it being within,
that spoke of Love, revenge or heinous sin?
No! The true answer was not mine to find,
but yours! Firstly you must free your mind
of inhibition and prejudice, then visit a place
remembered, that brings a smile to your face,
or tears for someone or something you adored,
which you wrapped in a carpet, that’s stored
in your subconscious. A very ‘special’ one!
Priceless and cherished, that you share with none.
Only then might the truth of my story unfold,
for in all honesty, I doubt I could be so bold
as to reveal the reason why, the carpet was there!
Suffice it to say, I often make time to go where
my ‘imaginary’ carpet takes me. When I fly,
it’s a trip I’ll hold precious until the day I die!
Doubtless you too, make time for a carpet flight?
A brief moment when alone, be it day or night?
This is the time for you to let your Magic Carpet fly,
before your memory fades, and years passing by,
ground your carpet from a trip, Far Above The Sky.
A Magic Carpet you’ll hide for the By and By.

Rhymer. February 9th, 2019.

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