The Morning after the Snowfall

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

My eyes tell me that I love the snow
The beauty that doth overflow;
But then my back, it says to me;
No you don't , oh no!!!!"

For though the eyes find rest and peace
And from my troubles, such release.
But then my back, it says to me;
"Your pain; it doth increase.

But still I see that beauty, found;
So fair 'tis seen upon the ground.
But still my back; my back doth scream
"By pain, you now are bound.

Oh, better 'tis its beauty be
Than all the pain that comes to me.
But then, again, my back doth scream
"From aches, now set me free.

I stop and look nod my head;
To pain, it seems I now am wed.
I give a sigh and smile soft
As to my work I’m led.

In beauty then, I toil on
Until the snow from drive is gone.
I work and moan and smile soft
Until my work is done.

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