My Magic Carpet Ride ( 97th Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I flew my magic carpet, far above the sky.
And while in flight, I gave the world a fright.
The time was high noon, while singing
a tune. I flew so high I had a run-in with
the sun. Which wasn't much fun.

Salty tears formed in my eyes, and
started falling from the sky. Any closer
I would surly die!

An Eclipse formed blocking the sun, and my
lips turned dry.
A velvety darkness appeared across the surfaces
of the earth below.
Now, I was consider a threat, as I began to sweat
and fret.

On earth is where I had began at birth.
No one knew that.
Oh no! They think I'm a UFO.
As if diamonds across the endless sky, red, white,
and blue fireworks appeared, as they now wanted
me dead.

The T.V. And radio told it was an invasion, and
I did not want to raise to the occasion.
My ride now became as if a wild ride on a roller coaster,
and I sure did not want to come down any closer.

How can it be, that the earth stood still for a moment in time,
because of me?
Why? Because people are scared of things they did not plan,
or understand. And when you fly your magic carpet, far above
the sky, remember that your reality may be someone else' s

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