Bless All and Love All

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Bless all and love all! Let people have the best, let it be grand!
Let all hearts be fulfilled and play in the Lord's Almighty band

Bless all so you can be forgiven and your soul can be free
Bless all and spend the rest of your life merrily in glee

Bless all and be constructive, build better ways to live
Bless all with hearts full of compassion who just want to give

Bless those who make errors for humans make them at times
Bless the criminal who disobeys and commits a crime

Bless everyone all the time, and free yourself from sorrow
Bless the Lord up in Heaven and have a better tomorrow

Bless and be active, for the activity makes a great life
Bless those who are bound by hardship living in strife

Bless those who were a bright smiles who better people days
Bless all and concentrate on positives; live your life in the best ways

Bless and forgive: do not accumulate feelings of rage
Bless and live life moment by the moment, read every page

Love all: even if there are arguments, free yourself from hate
Love all: even a person causes heartaches with endless debates

Love all and bring people together for apart we fall
Love all and forgive transgressors, for misery will then call

Love all don't be afraid because sometimes love fails
Love all and be together on the Lord's spiritual trail

Bless all and love all: set yourself free from negatives that may come to mind
Bless all and love all: love and happiness you will find

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