First a Shot

a poem by Melyssa G. Sprott, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Long hours, alone I weep
First a shot—then the sheets
It’s no use, there’ll be no sleep

Eyes peeled—awake and wide
I can’t escape, I cannot hide
I cannot fight the dark inside

Long hours, alone I wail
I try so hard—pain prevails
I fight to lose, I fight and fail

Heart pause—breath kept
Cliff so high, no look—leapt
In the current, caught and swept

Long hours, alone I lament
Another shot—then I repent
It’s no use, this time I’ve spent

Eyes closed—shut and tight
I can’t escape, I can’t make it right
I’ve lost myself—no will to fight

Long hours, alone I cry
It’s no use—I can’t deny
First a shot, then goodbye

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