Johnny Will Maim

a poem by Melyssa G. Sprott, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

He goes by the name of Johnny Will Maim,
a kind boy in life was he.
Struck down too soon and cursed by the moon—
damned for always he’ll be.

Once weak and small, now lanky and tall,
a lost soul searching in need.
Agony learned—his heart did turn,
a treacherous threat indeed.

Best fear the name of Johnny Will Maim,
leave him his lonely path.
Run and hide—escape to inside,
lest you should face his wrath.

Searching for home—he wanders alone,
this warning you must heed.
Stay clear of his way, he’ll strike undelayed,
and you will surely bleed.

He never tires, anger is a fire—
the tide so sharply turns.
His soul in flames, poor Johnny Will Maim—
forever in torment he burns.

A sad tale, but true—next he’ll claim you,
dare not speak his name!
Rot on your knees, beg for mercy—
beware of Johnny Will Maim!

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