a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

Thank you William for taking me to my child hood days and the nostalgia of the fabled Arabian Nights

The fabled magical carpet
Flying above the ugly sight
Of oppression and the burden of guilt
An ungainly sight
For every tender heart
Especially for the poet !

The carpet glides on
Kissing the pearl white clouds
Its motto : to soar higher through the serene blue skies
To land on cloud nine -of ever green dreams;
Fancies gilded with hopes,
Its aspirations,
Fond and cherished dreams.

Forgetting the ruddy earth
And its blood stained sad dunes
Its power mongers-
Their frenzied battle cries !
The helpless cries of frightened virgins
Running away to protect values-
More precious than their jewels
The severed heads of soldiers
Who fought for honor and ended up in death's
Voracious mouths
Agape with clenched teeth- uttering curses !

All these are left behind,
Like the nightmares
Which dissolved in the daylight
When sunlight caressed my sleep numbed eyes!

Straining and blinking to face the light
And joyously and merrily I behold
The magic carpet - raring to go
To soar above the clouds and touch cloud nine
Evey poet's dream and every writer's
Favorite dream come true !

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