"and you'll go fly your Magic Carpet, far above the sky." (Musketeers Challenge) #97

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

(As pre-Scribed for my Noble Brother's 'Medicine Show')

All proffered Prayers lift up to sky above
Upon a golden weave of silken thread
Still then some fly thru whispered words of love
To rise beyond the Heavens left unsaid
So much of life held promise then (well met)
Unfolding o'er the years once shared (now gone)
How fleet doth time elapse, lest we forget
Until we are as 'One' - perchance anon
I promised you the Earth (as if a King)
Complete with all known treasures to behold
How can one know - "twas more than fate would bring"
Such emptiness (within) my arms enfold
Tho plans are made betwixt - "Dare we presume?"
So intricate the weft on God's own loom!

Aramis /|\

"Every heart sings a song incomplete, until.............." - (Musketeers Challenge) #96
Book of "Inspirational Title Challenges"
"Ode Tae a Mouse” (Burns Supper - second helping, fer ma ain Brother William)

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