In My Hermitage

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

I do not want to talk; for I do not need to hear my own voice
A place of solitude and contentment is my choice

Isolated from the noise and distractions that makes us feel alive
Into the loving arms of peace I take my dive

I swim in harmonic waters free from the troubles of life
I think of nothing at all for I don’t need the strife

The conventions that we should follow don’t need to be in mind
When we are mired in the world’s troubles mud is all that we find

In my heritage I mediate; I cannot think of chasing money
I am not thinking of jokes or what is funny

I go within to find meaning the eludes us in life’s race
I don’t need to be talking all the time to another face

In my heritage there is peace, and it in the world violence reigns
Although it looks like I am doing nothing I am making spiritual gains

Beyond my heritage there is world of pleasure and pain
It doesn’t care about you, and it could make you insane

Don’t go out there you will be corrupted in a short time
Keep listen to the Lord’s voice, praising Him in your hearts rhyme

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