That River seen, Snohomish Fair

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

A Shakespearean poem taken from the photo of the beautiful Snohomish River just a few days ago

by Dwayne Leon Rankin

‘Twas with a glimmering frozen look;
Found cold and blue that winter’s day.
Within the winter’s cold, betook,
The river went along its way.
While found above; so soft a blue;
And sun; ‘twas found a dimming gold.
With waters seen the same soft hue;
Found glinting bright with spots of cold.
And with a shimmering shining sheen;
‘Twas found within all seen aglow
Reflections all so brightly were seen;
Of trees encased within snow.
Distorted by those waters, found;
Found twisted in that mirrored seen.
By winters frost, entwined and bound;
So beautiful; so clear, pristine.
Beautiful found beyond compare;
That river seen, Snohomish fair.

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