A Magic Carpet Tale. Musketeer Challenge #97. Take II.(Read footnote.)

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Quiet as a mouse, making no sound,
he spread a carpet over the ground,
then sat crossed legged, eyes closed,
swaying to a rhythm, I supposed
he heard, though I heard no note!
Lost in a world far removed from mine:
a smile played on his face. A sure sign
he was day dreaming once again,
in a place where he forgot the pain
and ills with which he was smote!

Watching, I saw he was overjoyed
by the moment, but I felt annoyed
I could not share the apparent joy
of a small, but courageous boy,
who rode a Magic Carpet in the skies.
Then I saw his demeanour change,
and he went through a motley range
of emotions, and I, shaking with rage
for the suffering of a boy his age,
felt tears welling in my eyes!

Being moved by what I had seen
of a situation, I considered obscene,
I pondered on what I could do,
for a lad who had suffered through,
so much angst for his young years?
Then he stirred, sighed and winced,
as pain wracked him, and I convinced
he’d returned from his magic flight,
greeted him softly. Catching sight
of me, he smiled and said, “it appears

I went to see the Man in the Moon,
though my visit was over, far too soon!
soon I’ll be going back into outer space,
as I’m expected in Heaven. It’s the place,
Mom says, where I’m shortly expected.”
My heart stopped at what I had heard,
and my first reaction was, how absurd,
until I remembered this very young lad,
was without a future, for Doctors had
found leukemia, was as they’d suspected!

It was then compassion overtook my thought,
as I recalled the hard battle he had fought.
Although ill fate had struck down this lad,
his fighting spirit was such, that he had
fought fiercely, refusing to concede!
He by allowing his imagination free rein,
would retrace this flight, time and again.
Then came the day, he never returned.
The day when his “Wings” were earned.
From all earthly pain, his Spirit was freed.
Thanks to his Magic Carpet, he fulfilled his need!

Rhymer. February 11th, 2019.

Brief Footnote:
In 1995 The Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper,
published a story about a 9 year old lad with leukemia.
How he, despite all his woes, kept cheerful. I wrote a
poem - one of my first ‘writes’ and sent it to them.
Shortly thereafter, I learned the lad had died.
Thought his story, might be suitable for this
month’s Challenge. Rhymer aka Denis.

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