In Praise of A Young Fighter.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

(Dedicated to a young Leukemia victim)

Young child, although you and I have never met,
Nonetheless, your story has touched me yet.
As you fight the overwhelming odds arrayed
Against you. So you remain strong! Undismayed!

With inner courage, well beyond your years,
You face the Future. Sure you’ve shed tears,
But even those often regarded as ‘great’,
Would cry too, if confronted by such unkind Fate!

Could we give you but one more day, free of pain?
Gladly would we! To see a carefree child again!
But we who watch, can only hope and pray,
For some great miracle, to be shown this day!

Your Life gives us just cause to be proud and glad
To have known one such as you! Though hearts are sad
To see your promised Life, wasting away in pain.
Hope must not fail you, or efforts will be in vain!

As you fight Life’s battles, with tremendous grace,
We ask ourselves, “What if we were in your place?”
Though finally, all men must walk the path you tread,
Few will face the unknown, without fear or dread!

There are few who’d refuse a child their right to live,
Or betray a solemn promise they might give.
To deceive or deny them their future years,
Can bring nothing but grief, pain and bitter tears!

So often we proceed through life, day after day,
Never resisting. Taking the easy way.
Accepting life’s gifts as a God given right,
Refusing conscience, never willing to fight!

We are greatly humbled by the Spirit you display,
Though we fear our own emotions might betray
The courage you have shown, day after day.
A fortitude we’ll remember! For ever and a day!

Denis H. Barter
April 20th , 1995.
This was the poem I composed about the young leukemia patient
and the circumstances that attended. I based my second attempt on this happening, for my second Take.. Denis aka Rhymer.
month's Challenge..

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