As per the 97th poetry challenge :"And then you’ll Fly Your Magic Carpet, Far above the Sky"

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

by Dwayne Leon Rankin

As you awake into the morning seen so bright;
As then you look about into that light.
‘Tis then your thoughts will wander; wander up so high;
Across that the soft blue scenic sky.

‘Tis then you’ll wish for there to be found true and tried;
A carpet just for you; alone for you to ride.
High aloft, you then will go, high into the sky;
Made of magic; made to fly.

You hear within your mind, it then will speak;
“Climb aboard and then with me, you’ll seek.
Adventures far and wide, found up so high;
Adventures seen from in the sky.

Those wonders sought and found then you will find;
Wonders wrought from deep within your wandering mind.
As down you’ll gaze from up there in the sky;
Upon the ground from up so high.

You’ll laugh aloud for all that comes to sight;
As through the air you go, in freedoms flight.
Ever upward onward as you into the sky;
Joyous as you fly so high.

And so you climb aboard, and there you sing;
For all the wonders that this flight will bring.
And then upon that carpet you will fly;
Far, so far above the sky.

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