For One Another

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Though we can't change the order of things
Nor make some moments better
Nor alter what fate brings -
We can be there for one another

Though we can't stop the sun from burning
Nor the ice from layering rivers
Nor stop the tides from turning -
We can be there for each other

Though we can't wipe away all tears
Nor ease the many brows of grief
Nor remove the shadows of fear -
We can be there together

Though we can't hold the dusk at bay
As darkness begins to fill the sky
We can still brighten the grey -
When there with one another

And when the snow streams a mile
When the scent of flowers fills the air
We can hold hands and smile -
When there with one another

A repost, wishing everyone love, happiness and peace.
Happy Valentine’s Day xx

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