Hold His hands

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

When you lack,a genuine friend,
Do not be dismayed,
You are one of the millions,
You are just like me today.

Yet there is a difference,
I am never alone,
I follow, the nail, pierced hands
Who my frustrations understands.

His friendship requires no prerequisites,
His love, is unconditional you know,
He will never fail you,
In His presence you will always glow.

Stop looking for human help,
It is cursed as I find,
You will land up in trouble,
If you follow the blind.

Cursed is the man,
Who trusteth in man,
I tell you it is a crime,
Leave your troubles to Christ.

He will step in by your side,
No better friend can you ever find,
Open your heart to the lord,
He will wash you and give you life.

R.A. Jacob © February/16/ 19

Why am I suffering?
God's love and spiritual poems
Only He could have done it
Why am I suffering?
All my poems
Only He could have done it

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