a poem by Melyssa G. Sprott, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I don't have the best relationship
With you or with food,
I hate the sight of my body
And sometimes of you.

You don’t understand why
I'm body obsessed,
But I hate the sight of myself—
whether clothed or undressed.

I blame stress, I blame sorrow,
Even the turn of the tide,
But there's no way to silence
The critic inside.

It's hard to love you
For ignoring my flaws,
They're all I can see,
I'm caught in their claws.

You say the mirror tells lies,
And my eyes, they deceive—
But you are the one
That I cannot believe.

Food is a betrayer,
It destroys me inside.
It makes me feel ugly,
But I need it to survive.

I'm losing this fight,
I'm not too blind to see—
I am the only one
who can rescue me.

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