a poem by Melyssa G. Sprott, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh, how I miss the frigid kiss
of winter upon my skin!
The cold air, that wind in my hair,
a chilling frost gets in.

To hide from yet hold, that bitter cold
such a crisp delight!
Lost in a swarm of blankets so warm
near a toasty fire’s light.

Oh, that respite of a pure winter’s night,
the beauty of fresh fallen snow!
No one around, not even tracks on the ground—
desolation as only I know.

They come and they go, these falling snows—
they’re a comfort to my mind.
Hard to believe time passes and leaves—
even snow is a slave to time.

You’ll never know the lengths I would go
to frolic once more the day!
Oh, how I miss the frigid kiss
of winters long gone away!

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