The World seen on a summer’s Eve

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

By Dwayne Leon Rankin

Oh stars so bright, now shine thy light;
Brought to me, on this summer night.
Oh moon, your glow, to me now show;
Shine down upon me here below.

Oh trees so grand, across this land;
That grows across, in glory, stand.
On mountains high; they reach the sky;
Thy beauty I can’t deny.

The songs through trees heard in the breeze
That sings those notes from birds and bees;
Together all I hear each call;
From deep within thy wooded hall.

Those chattering streams that softly gleams;
Oh how they gleam from moon’s soft beams.
The songs that they as well do bring;
That all throughout the land doth ring.

From' neath the dome where stars all roam;
Within the night; in evenings gloam.
Through shadows mist, from which we glean.
The beauty found; in splendor seen.

Within the light, that shines so bright
From off those stars and moon’s soft light.
Found on this eve, that through, doth weave;
This World seen on a summer’s Eve.

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