The Fabric of their Lives

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh the bonds that, through are woven;
Between the father and his daughter;
Their love in heart each interwoven;
.....With love for each is bound.

When with love, that soft is spoken.
Anew, their lives are thus begun
Their love together then awoken.
.....‘Tween mother and her son

The love that’s seen between them each,
‘Tween father, mother, daughter, son;
In actions found as well as speech;
‘When all is said and done.

‘Midst the sorrows found; and hidden pain;
Then through their hearts will joy take wing.
If forever there will it remain;
True peace it then will bring.

Found seated deep within each their heart;
From which their bonds of love joy derives.
Held by those threads wove from the start;
.....The fabric of their lives

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