I Thank You Father -Revised 4/19

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

I thank you for being there for me and understanding me over the years
You made me realize that life should be enjoyed and there shouldn't be any tears

Your positive view of life made my life better and strong
My memoirs of you perpetuate me, for with you I could never be wrong

What can I say now that it is your time to go?
Knowing what to say is so difficult, as difficult as any foe

I thank you for being there for you made my sad days bright
I am sorry about the times I started a fight

I wish I could have succeeded in life better but it couldn’t be
Thru your eyes I saw the happiness that I could see

I was always a lost soul but you made my life happy, you were the rock of my life
You made sure I was feed and did not have to live in strife

A father always loves his child and you did your duty well
You picked me from the ground all the times that I fell

Your zest for life was my inspiration, and you inspired me to live
When I didn’t think I had anything much to give

I thank you father, you were the best father I could have ever asked for, I hope we will be together in Heavens forever
I thank you father for being my rock and my inspiration, you made my life a beautiful endeavor

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