The Beauty of Creation

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I stood alone upon a peak,
As on the winds sweet notes did swell.
They came from when God first did speak;
And brought such beauty here to dwell.
.....They burst on forth across the sky;
.....Where bright the sun gave forth its glow.
.....Across where all the birds now fly;
.....Into the valleys far below.
I hear d the notes of each refrain;
On winds that flew on through the trees.
The songs I heard within the rain;
And in the blowing of the breeze.
.....The wonders of the universe;
.....That came to be on that first day.
.....The music through that did transverse;
.....From north to south across each way.
I heard them all so soft yet clear;
Go forth across creation, wide.
The beauty found in flowers fair;
Where, grass and trees and plants reside.

I looked then deep within each dale;
And heard those notes within, resound
Upon the plains where soft winds sale;
All through the desert; sand locked, bound.
.....I heard each word; each soft sweet tone;
.....That caused all creatures then to be.
.....I found it in the lights that shone,
.....Across the lands and far flung sea.
The morning sun to bring to light,
The glories of His love for all.
That chased back then, the darkened, night;
This too, it came then at his call.
.....So long ago those words He spoke;
.....That brought to be within this world.
.....The sky above within its cloak;
.....The moon and stars across unfurled.
And still I hear them as I stand
As high I look upon the sky.
As still I look across the land;
Where God’s Creation still doth lie.

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