Enter The Grand New Age

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Trauma from all the drama,
Put through the grinder with all the attempts to find her,
To find peace,
The spirit and heart's release from the chains of lonliness that bind us
My only redemption
For i am a sinner too

I knew love would not last,
Rarely does it ever last forever
The crass reality being we were lucky to ever come across it, clever
Never better nor hurt when plans become wishful thoughts of "what could have been..."
Believing still, that in some other parallel universe, those plans would be fufilled.
Foolish, too positive to face the facts, the fact that she's gone and never coming back ... in this universe or any universe we were done for now.

Enlightened to the fact that tomorrow has a plan, a destiny with a mission, because God's love is given without condition.
To feel the love that has been cast from his hand, giving us life, giving us land and air to breathe, flowers to smell and trees to cool and sheild us from the hot mid-day sun, like the beautiful clouds all perfectly drawn by his hand,
all of God's creatures make the journey so grand. If we could only bring peace and breakdown the borders and compromise on the issues that divide us, only through God's blessing shall we achieve this,
this grand new age our future has promised us.


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