You ask how important you are

a poem by Krzeslawa T. Skrzypczynska, Poland - poetry writer, author, poet

You're still asking, tormenting me,
are brussels sprouts, maybe peas,
closer to me than you?
Do I prefer herrings to eat?
So I answer that,
that I'm not following it anymore,
on what place you are,
or where there is a mushroom or herring.

How important are you, you ask,
you're still tiring me with questions
how important are you to me,
you tire me all the time, so
I will answer you simply
that you are between stocks
where the strawberry jam
or cobwebs system.

And of wine, which is you?
Are you Porto or brandy
or maybe ordinary vodka,
banal Whiskey, Gin?
Or maybe a liqueur,
A tincture or Tequila,
you want to know and you keep asking ...
I don’t know most of them. Maybe Pimm's?

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