As Seasons Change

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Part one:
*By Winter Bound*

‘Twas on that morn, I westward, glanced;
Toward where light soft sprightly danced.
Where gleamed, the sun from of the snow;
Down then to show its lofty glow.

So beautiful this winter scene;
Without a hint of red or green;
But still to see in beauty bound
The snow then found upon the ground.

For such was seen in winter fair;
Upon that day found bright and clear.
Where shone, the sun, its winter light;
Though cold that light that shone so bright.

With trees and shrubs; in park; on hill,
The world in solitude, found still.
That snow that fell on yester eve;
That down, did weave, that snow receive.

Within this place that I call home;
Bound tight beneath cold winter’s dome.
When once toward the west I glanced;
Where, off the light that soft then danced.

*Part two: In Spring then Found*

But now I yearn to westward glance;
And see the light that off doth dance.
Where gleams the sun off melted snow;
That down doth flow to us below

So beautiful a springtime scene,
With flowers bright; and grass found green.
To see once more, where life doth bound;
With colors found across the ground.

For such is seen, in springtime fair;
Where scent of flowers fill the air.
Where shines the sun, its warming light;
So warm that light that shines so bright.

With trees and shrubs on park and hill;
With life now seen, this world to fill.
The sun to shine past yester eve;
Its light to weave; its warmth, receive.

Within this place that I call home;
Now found beneath a springtime dome.
Where now I oft time westward glance;
And see where still that light doth dance.

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