Why should the mud say

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Why should the mud say, I am important
For I tell you, it is not,
The breath will return to the master,
Dust to dust and you are gone.

No need for ego,
The ego that blinds,
In the dust of the earth,
Not a trace can one find.

Neither can the mighty be found
Nor could the king's abound,
In the dust of ages,
Only some mummies abound.

Why then live in ego,
Why then live in pride,
Everything is vanity,
Let us live our lives.

This world needs love and
you'll find, all are in need,
So what, if they are silent,
So what, if no one heeds.

Reginald Ajay Jacob

You also are one of them
All my poems
You shared your heart with me

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