Ode to Keats

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Beauty is truth and truth is beauty.
Thou hast brought us to the forefront, that place with the ceiling never trodden, doth hast taken us there, through the air and over the seas and fields we fly to prove ourselves and to become the humble followers of a Shepherd, a carpenter who has come forth to whittle away at the ugly outter layers which exist for us all, even for those who try, those who stumble along the path towards righteousness, the wayfaring traveler with no home but many friends, the constant waffering between silence and shouting towards the heavens.

We are here to weep and wallow, we are are here to party and marry, to find companionship in order to fill the void. To be heard by someone, followed by someone, liked by someone.... solemn does a man hear what others think about him.
Left to ponder, parched in soul, as to what move to make next. Wondering which way to phrase the text, the verses of life will ultimately leave no secrets.


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