All the Songs of Spring

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

by Dwayne Leon Rankin

Within the stream; each soft and flowing strain;
I heard a song; its soft and sweet refrain.
... ‘Twas heard within those notes it brought;
...As from them sprang each happy thought.

I heard it murmur soft within the rain;
As down it fell on downy hill and greening plain.
...Of life and love and flowers found;
...Within the air and on the ground.

It spoke of beauty found within the spring;
Across; across I heard it softly sing.
...And bright it was, those tunes they brought;
...Of joyous marvels that were sought.

It spoke of all this season had to bring;
Its songs of hope on wave, as well on wing.
...And wondrous were the songs profound;
...Now heard upon the land all ‘round.

And triumphant were those gleeful songs that grew;
Within the air I heard them flying through.
...From birds, by nature their songs were taught;
...Upon the wings of winds were wrought.

For once again came spring, those songs anew;
Through skies now seen a soft and warming blue.
... All through ‘twas heard those songs resound;
...As through that sky they did rebound.

Heard all within the air; across the ground;
All through the land across the sky rebound.
...Within the falling of the rain;
...Across each knoll; each greening plain.

Those songs of life by all now sought;
That brings to mind each joyful thought
...Within the waters soft heard strain;
...The songs of spring, its soft refrain.

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