Great Deeds from Small Beginnings

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

It starts from something small:
a handful of rice each day-
set aside three times a day
for those who are hungry -
can feed a hungry family.

A mother, waking up
day and night to feed
and cuddle her crying baby,
is witness to the growth of
a healthy child - cared for
and loved deeply.

A student, seriously
burning his midnight candle
with diligence and discipline,
can look forward to
exams manageable enough
to handle with flying colors.

A leader of a nation
with humility, listening ears
sincerity, dignity and compassion
can unite the people
towards common direction
and vision as a nation.

It all starts from something small
as it emanates from the inside,
from the inside of the human heart.

98th title challenge by Condrad van den Bergh

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