And before the next daunting venture…….

a poem by Anjani George, India

An empty mind awhile and I ‘m sure you’ll wonder
But feel the way I do will end your ponder
For light as a petal, tossed by the warm breeze
It flutters and flies, basking in all the tease
It roams and wanders without thoughts of settling
Never giving in to muddling or even the meddling
It soars high, like the lightest feather, giving nae a care
For what weighed it down is now flung in the air
Tis but a jiff, a privilege, a season to be free
And pray none deprive me of this momentary glee
For the sun shines, its golden rays dazzle and reach out
As summers balmy embrace, rekindles my mind to sprout
To emerge afresh, bloom and glow
The next dare and a new task perfectly aligned with life’s flow

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