Tribute to a Bishop

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

I can taste my tears
as they stream down my cheeks
and as I write this verse.
Why on earth, a dear person
of young age like yours
should leave us on earth?

You were a father, grandfather,
husband, bishop and priest,
You were wisdom, courage, friend,
counsellor, inspiration and talents
And like other humans,
You share our common destiny
from busy life to coffin and grave.

Let my tears turn to flames of prayers
Thanking God for your faithful life
for the church and communities;
Asking him to bless all your loved ones
And should we meet again in heaven,
I hope you open the Gate to Life
as our very own Bishop.

Tearful response to the news of the death of Bishop Niels Henrik Arendt of Haderslev Diocese, August 2015

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