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There was a hue of strangeness in the air, a tone that colored the sky, grayish, bright, as golden-yellow rays of sunshine crept through the thick storm clouds like golden steel beams supporting the Heavens. Life had choices, reasons for existence, and meditative trances we were drawn to, whether sleeping or awake the dreams themselves had realities, constantly changing realities of their own.

In one dream I met younger me, and the realities of present me running into the eyes of the old reality that was younger me. I remembered back in time how I was going through rocky times but what, what his eyes showed me were so much different, more intense than I remembered, so much so that I could not recognize younger me, and he could not even recognize older me and my gray hair, nor was he able to rationalize nor comprehend the sheer volume of information contained in older me. We shared so barely, hardly anything in common and that was when I asked younger me, "What makes you happiest? What is your plan? And how do suppose you'll get there?" Older me and younger me had such a different outlook on life. It made me think of that theory that states, "People never change," and seeing this, I came to the conclusion that the saying "People never change," is too overbroad. It may just be a thing that people say to other people... because people never change in the ways that we want them to change. They want to be in control, at least be able to to feel in control at some point in life.

It was each person's life; it was their own unique story that was private, sacred, and not to be tampered with or interrupted in a negative way by any suggestions or recommendations from anyone! Other than themselves. That was part of the deal, the part where there is no avoiding the lessons of life. It is a fact of life, a commonality experienced by so many... our prior lessons should work to strengthen our resolve and determination. Instantly a moment of wisdom, a moment when major life issues are learned and obeyed, the lessons are instilled in you, never to leave, maybe to change you though? The lessons and wounds of life, they never really heal nor will they lessen over time, they can be ignored, or be brought forth to inspire a better thought process in your future choices, that after all,... and ever after, were choices that were Ours from the begining.

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