The Tuning

a poem by Joshua Tyrone Harrel, USA

The Tuning

As the sun climbs and begins painting its portrait
The wind blows and the trees sway and the branches dance
Children gather and begin their harmony
the eagle glides above keeping a watchful eye
the squirrels scurry about causing acorns to drop which sound like snares
the smoke from my cigar fogs the scene
the ivy stretches upward on their towers
the flowers' perfume spread throughout the stage
the late branches crash with their auburn color like cymbals
the humming from the hummingbird like that of the brass section
trumpets now sounding with colors and shadows now like house lights dimming
as the sun rises higher and the orchestra in tune
The Conductor, now risen, nods and leads all its many parts in unison, in harmony, in its everlasting song

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