Loch Ness

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Found within the Highlands, high,
Its surface stilled for lack of breeze.
The waters gleamed beneath sky;
Beside the dim lit shadowed trees.

Dark and deep those waters cold;
They shimmered soft within the night.
As past the forest and ‘cross the wold,
That moon shone forth its silvery light.

And soft it glimmered off that Loch;
That hid from sight each shadowed scene.
Off scrub and leaf and piece of rock,
That hid this land of emerald green.

That forest found of darkened pine;
Of oak and birch and willow tree.
Upon the hills and rocks recline,
Next to that loch, seen standing free.

Caught within the moon’s soft glow;
‘Twas seen each stars soft radiant beam.
They shone on down the land below;
Reflected in the waters gleam.

But then it came with break of day;
As on the surface softly kissed;
It broke on forth through misty gray,
The sun shone forth through dampened mist.

Its light then shown upon that land;
A different beauty then was seen.
That Highland Lock and wooded stands;
A land of lavish shades of green.

And then a ripple sparkled bright,
Without a sound of murmured plaint;
Spreading forth in mornings light;
A soft and shimmering glimmer, faint.

She burst on forth from ‘neath that Loch;
Rose then the Daughter of Loch Ness.
She gazed across each tree and rock;
She rose on up, this day to bless.

Seen within the Highlands, high,
Its surface stilled for lack of breeze.
Her skin then gleamed beneath sky;
Beside those shadowed trees.

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