Yorkshire People

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Where possible, try to read this in a local dialect:

Stood on pedestal, preaching out loud
Berating creating, to a listening crowd
Middle of Yorkshire, many people about
Really quite strange, didn’t have to shout

They listened careful, with special trained ear
Sometimes they’d frown, and occasionally cheer
But what they were looking for, what did appeal
Was that we could come back, with right proper deal

There were talk about this, and talk over that
But you couldn’t walk over, them like a mat
Promises given, had to have structure and bone
Otherwise they’d, come back and they’d moan

They definitely grill you, throw up a question
Never afraid, to make a suggestion
Because all that they wanted, was a realistic view
And give credit to where, credit is due

Yorkshire people, don’t like heirs and graces
And often they don’t, display two faces
Perhaps little bit brash, and a tad too frank
But also respectful, and respect your rank

I like Yorkshire people, and they’ve a lot to bring
They’re proud and robust, and joyously sing
Intelligent and witty, they’re not short of sense
And not too often, will you see sitting on fence

Remember Question Time, they tore him to shred
Beaten and bruised, near left for dead
And all because, he never told truth
Yorkshire heard it, they had the proof

So they lead by example, with effort not much
Because with the world, they keep in touch
They’re not aloof, have feet on the ground
Yorkshire people, they are so sound

And in their Pocket, for Company
The Maltese Falcon Vol IX

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