a poem by tobias kerins, UK

An injustice is a burden, upon someone so dealt
Just how severe, the pressure is felt
Depends upon the construction, of how the victim is built
And whether innocence allows, to be smothered by guilt

Allegations are made, investigation will follow
Regardless how serious, or even how hollow
Impartiality must remain, to unbiased minds
And everything should, be read between lines

With witnesses vital, and area sealed
The truest of pictures, may be revealed
But with languid approach, perhaps ignorance abound
The truth submerges, can go underground

The roots of injustice, can from anywhere spring
Quite what trouble they make, or anxiety bring
Has telling effect, can leave indelible marks
And often once bitten, is worse than the barks

The Judge waves his gavel, the jury have spoken
Reputation of someone, has just been broken
The law is an ass, the proverbial mule
Or has wisdom stood up, and beaten the fool

Friendships are broken, relationships soil
Because the injustice, refused to recoil
Yesterday’s respect, in the distance lost
Today fuel upon flames, on the fire is tossed

Only facts cans prevail, myths must be cast
Due diligence never, can be surpassed
For the slightest error, or evidence missed
Could add another injustice, upon the list

Yorkshire People
The Maltese Falcon Vol IX
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