The 99th Musketeer Challenge: Diversity and 'Common Law'

a poem by John Starks, USA

Diversity, without a 'Common Law',
Leaves room for men to randomly diverge,
Should there be naught to circumscribe the urge
Which, violating prudence, proves a flaw.
Should interplay (besmirched by some faux pas)
Cause indignation or offense to surge,
Men may dare call upon some 'thaumaturge' ,
Or, calling not, resort to 'fang' or 'claw'.
Diversity (within some 'legal' sphere)
Within the scope of 'Love' (as I'd define)
Precludes, if honored, what gives rise to fear.
Diversity (should men dare prove divine)
Allows uniqueness to the more endear
What proves, in nascent form, what trumps aged wine!

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