Writing and Diversity ( 99th Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

What are our thoughts on diversity ?
Can writing or poetry be any help?
In every family there is differences,
some smile, other do not. Some have
jobs, other do not.
Some are tall, other short, but
we have more in common then differences.

In my family communication happen in
many different way. A smile, a frown,
a hug when all is not well.
For me it is through writing.

Diversity is like living trees, spreading
it lovely seeds. And to me its writing
that give it the fresh breath of air that
bring about life.

Every writer is different, not more so, or less so,
just different.
In style, thought,language, and experience.

Yet what a writer has in common is ideas
that take place through writing and spread
We may have different opinions, skills, and talents,
in our passion for writing, but that is diversity. And
also makes us have more in common then our

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