a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

(20/05/1894 – 08/01/1994)

(This is the life story of a famous Sage
Maha Swami who lived 100 years
in South India and it runs in series)

Even if we were to be so keen,
God-in-Heaven can’t be seen,
With our pair of naked eyes,
As He remains always formless.

Many avatars He has taken,
Descending down from Heaven,
To destroy an army of evil forces,
In order to restore everlasting peace.

In between His famous avatars,
He has been sending messengers,
As spiritual leaders on this earth,
To guide people in the divine path.

With the growth of Buddhism,
Against the downfall of Hinduism,
The Lord, as Adi Sankara, came,
To restore the ancient Veda’s fame.

Adi Sankara lived for 32 years,
And with his divine powers,
He restored the Hindu religion
Back to its exalted position.

He set up Dwaraka Mutt at West,
Jagannath Puri Mutt at East,
Badrikashrama Mutt at North
And Singeri Mutt at South.

At Kanchi Mutt He stayed,
Before He left this world,
And from this Mutt came,
Many spiritual leaders of fame.

Of them, Sri Chandrasekharendra
Saraswathi Maha Swamigal,
Or, in short, Kanchi Maha Swami,
Served for 100 years, almost full.

I pray for Maha Swami’s mercy
To make my writing work easy
For covering up his few life events,
Now I’m writing in this series.

Should there be any shortfall,
To cover up his life in full,
It’s only next to impossible
For anyone to make it possible.

As he lived for nearly 100 years,
Events in numbers were countless,
And to cover each and every one,
It’ isn’t that much easy to write down.

Note: The period of Adi Sankara
from Kalady, Kerala, was supposed
to be 788-820 CE.


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