The 99th Challenge: Diversity

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

We are at the table,
Just us three,
Mighty God, you and me,
The wine has been aged, our thirst has been quenched,
Who are we to play the bench?
The ultimate judge being the Lord up above, now at the table,
we assume he is directing this game, we act as his glove....
For everything is baseball in April, the showers do not delay, for they must bring forth the May flowers, or they betray their promise to spring.

Baseball is America ... in this allegory era we call life, the leader of the team, that lives and bleeds for what is right.
The Eagle never shies away from challenges, a task we shall not bare...

We are not that different,
You, me and He... at the table reminiscing, how he'd granted us so many blessings, and that message of the peace and tolerance we were sent to spread and grasp.

There is no doubt when we solve this, the bed in which we lay,
it will be about treating and serving others, which is really what life's simplier pleasures say is so grand,
it's okay to live our best lives,... after all, that's what life's about, it's really no one's fault...

Foregiveness is a must my friend!
Good intentions are not enough, the actions and the follow-through speak volumes, we must do what we must!
For the Father up above provides for us, on Earth, me and you are equals, we are one
We must stop the nonsense... the Greed we've all become...
For the race should be about taking care of one another, not some diplomatic, technological, finacial form of tyranny...
Who are we, if not the three at the table?
You, me and Him

We've got work to do now,
Our stories continue to be scripted,
One man had a dream, while hate and intolerance has another.
The sad reality, we still have to rely on one another... just to get us by,
The world is dangerous,
There's no denying the violence that exists, too many problems that when solved we will not miss... Sin! Be gone!
Sometimes, ignorance is bliss,
but I cannot censor myself, my heart comes through when I preach on paper,
Treating one another respectfully is more important than it's ever been, most impotant is to stop this war, this cycle of violence and intolerance, vengeance and the mix of things we seem to hate one another for...
For... most important moving forward, is a generation with a plan of forgiveness and charity, for there has been so much heartbreak, and too much loss...
Time for change was at the door....

It was time to gather,
At the table,
You, me and Our Savior!
To drink our fill, no need to explain why Diversity may save the day.

Heaven's Affirmative Action.

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