Common-Law(s)? Musketeer 99th Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

The ‘Common’ Law is a Council edict,
which warns all users, it’s very strict
in enforcing rules, as to what folks can do
when they choose to walk in, or through
‘Common’ land, set aside for me and you.

Be advised, “Do not throw your litter on the grass:
nor pick a single flower as you pass!”
“To ensure a pristine appearance is maintained,
every dog must be leashed or chained,
to assure their exuberance is restrained!”“

“You must walk on the path, and do not stray
or tread on the grass”, as large signs clearly say.
Conspicuously erected, most are an ugly sight!
Disregarded by many, they are a greater blight
upon the ‘Common’ that despoils the delight,

and enjoyment of what some hope will be
a time for quiet reflection. Historically
the ‘Common’ was, by a Royal Decree,
designated as a place where folks would be
allowed to stroll around, relax under a tree,

or spend time awhile on a bench - a seat
that was gifted, and chronicled discreet,
by a citizen who enjoyed this place
daily, for many years. A quiet space
that allows one, to escape the ‘rat’ race.

But will the Common, remain this way?
for there are some who are wont to say,
the Council should place tighter control
on their use. Park Keepers should patrol
all activities, which would defeat the role

of the original ‘Common law’ intention.
Adding further restriction, is a conception
few of the public would countenance.
It being a place where happenstance
allows one to meet and chat. Perchance

to enjoy Nature, whilst refreshing their mind.
Generally Common Law is one we find
a ruling, based upon an earlier precedent.
However, my poem has, by deliberate intent,
focussed otherwise, with its poetic content!

Rhymer. April 12th, 2019.
Perhaps tis better called Common-Sense?
For I’ve taken the alternative ‘meaning’ of Common Law, inasmuch
as a “Common” per se, is a name often given to open parkland in the UK.
As the UK Members will know. Ciao Denis.

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