On Wings of Wind that Soft did Flow

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

It was one small ray that fell on down;
Just a one single shining strand.
Down it fell upon the ground;
A single ray upon the land.

Down onto that flower bed;
On petals soft, like glistering lace.
That single strand ‘twas downward led;
Into a hidden secret place.

Down onto the rain soaked trees;
Past leaf and limb onto the grass.
On meadows soft and pastured leas;
Onto those lakes that shine like glass.

At last the sun did start to shine;
As no more, then did fall the rain.
On standing oak or leaning pine;
And no more, heard its soft refrain.

A golden light now filled the air,
As robins flew and soft did sing.
Their songs were heard so soft and fair;
All through the air as they took wing.

And there ‘twas found a youthful girl;
Found within that cozy nook.
Her hair, still damp with many a curl;
Still, she sat while reading her book.

‘She’d sat alone and read that day;
While listening to that sweet refrain;
But when the rain, it went away;
She listened to that other strain.

Of robins, soft, its song did sing;
As now beneath, she sat below.
She listened to those songs of spring;
On wings of wind that soft did flow.

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