Diversity as seen in A Maple Tree. Musketeers; 99th Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

There’s a tree, a full grown Maple tree,
that is as unusual as a tree could be.
A Harlequin Maple is it’s designation,
but Mother Nature, had an inclination
to make it a singular, deviant variety
that would be outstanding. An exceptionally
flamboyant style compared with other trees.
Seen amidst variegated leaves, one sees
there is a large branch of olive green!
Growing up through the centre, it is seen
to divide the tree, with a contrasting hue,
that provides passers by, a perfect view
of Mother Nature’s unique diversity.
She, with panache and versatility,
has decided in her wisdom, to add
a little ‘something’ extra. Had
I known earlier of her intention
to defy all natural convention,
and a joy to behold in early Spring,
I would have written a song to sing
on the variety of colour she displays.
One which, throughout summer days,
is often a great source of conversation,
as visitors spot, then in acclamation,
remark upon the varied combination
of leaves, juxtaposed within this tree!
A prime example of Nature’s diversity.
One I, as an avid gardener, love to see.
Nature has provided an example of how we
can see an established variety, surreptitiously
defying the accepted Common-Law decree.
Proof positive, Narure dislikes uniformity,

Rhymer. April 12th, 2019.
(Bought as a small sapling, 20 years ago,
we noticed this abnormality in the centre
of the tree, which has since proven a
talking point on numerous occasions)

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