Speakers Corner

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I held my position, kept to the script
The tensions they rose, into me ripped
My diction was clear, policy revealed
Head held high, and pride was my shield

A battle of course, I tried not to lose
As people I hoped, would listen to choose
They may not agree, but might just conclude
And see as debate, and not just a feud

A collision of thoughts, as they heard my voice
Alternative ways, so different a choice
Opinions they matter, reactions do too
As one to another, unravels a view

A future vision, with no holds barred
Like a sentry stern, I held my guard
It was a choice I offered, to which I laid claim
If it did not work out, then I took the blame

From a soap-box standing, in a field far and wide
Heckles abound, I proudly defied
My message was sent, these words were spoken
As I tried to fix, this nation that’s broken

To a corner of London, in a landmark setting
Hoping that people, my message were getting
Temperatures high, the heat of a sauna
Welcome my friends, to Speakers Corner

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