The Pretender .

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Sometimes I pretend I'm fine .
Though I walk with the aid of a stick.
Although strong in heart
one day I'll depart.
But right now my alertness is quick.
I see people coming and going,
whether they're young or old .
I take interest in what they are doing
and admire the ones who are bold .
Respect does not cost a penny .
Friendship can go a long way.
Illness in the world is many.
So why not grasp every day .
We are all god's little children
living beneath the same sky .
The sun and wind .
Rain and stars
will remain long after we die .
Some memories may soon be forgotten .
The good , the bad and the mean.
It really doesn't matter .
If we tried our best and were seen.

Author . Edwin Jepson.
12th April 2019 .

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