99th Inspirational Challenge-Diversity and Common-A Painful Pen Story

a poem by Owais Ahmad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

You’re lying there on a white page,
Silvery tip glowing in the darkness,
Black ink imprisoned in a lucid case,
Staring at me—the sword of righteousness.
O! My dear Pen;
I am sorry that I left you alone,
It hurts seeing you coping on your own,
I know that you’re always waiting for me,
Holding livid volcano of ire
inside raven liquid, that burns like fire,
Silently gazing at me,
Raising a thousand questions through candid eyes.
Yeah! I do remember;
Those battles—together we fought,
You and me against the cruel world,
Proudly I held your baton,
My words painted your emotions.
But tonight I am afraid,
Sweat running down my temple
and my fingers shake,
Though I am yearning to hold you & hug you,
Chained in fear, my feet is grounded,
To reach for you—steps I can’t take.
No! You are no monster that I am scared of,
Instead, you are innocent and kind,
You always speak your spotless mind,
& you see that’s the problem,
That’s unreal and unkind
to the world,
where truth is brutally crushed & lies eternally shine.
Yes, I am hurting you,
For the sake of this world,
Which is said to be real,
Though I am not certain, I can never be,
I have always been truthful but unwise,
And you see, there the problem lies;
Yet I am trying to adjust, though it’s unjust
as it torments my soul—to the core,
Yet, I am trying to stay,
To learn the world’s ways—of living without a soul,
Of surviving, on carcasses of dreams, like a ghoul.
You, my friend,
You are unchained, unchanged & calm,
Free flowing like perennial time, Too unyielding to be part of this mirage
of life and success;
Denying the norms that world forces.
You see my dear,
I am afraid of your unmoved determination,
Terrorized by your imagination,
Coz I see in your amber eyes, dreams are still alive,
Hopes still breathing, courage still survives.
And whenever I hold you,
You become my soulmate,
You are like a mirror—
Through you, I can see myself clear;
You fly above the clouds, beyond any bounds,
Your fluttering wings find a route to escape,
And like a mystical snake,
You lure me to a replica of Eden,
And I, like Eve, am tempted to commit a sin
Of conceiving a dream—
Of love and solace,
Of a world,
Where truth doesn’t have to hide face,
From the bullying of deceits & lies;
Where words of hope glitter on the everyday sky;
With you my love,
I become the words, I become the ink,
Walking along the pages of destiny, our fate we imprint;
In your divine,
I become the God, I become just I.
(Somehow i got my pen back in my hand today, and i am glad i could write something)
Written: 13.04.2019

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