On the Wings of Kindness

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

The workers were told, and the mandate made
Twenty stadium lights razed to the ground
With each replaced, a new plan was made
Progress marches on, but not always found…

First one worker noticed a nest on high
He beckoned his fellows, could this a home
For a bird and her mate up in the sky
While she guards her nest, for food he must roam?

The decision was made, and all agreed
Others would come down, but this home must stay
To follow her cycle, complete her need
Finish their task, only then fly away.

Workers will finish what nature has wrote
Their kindness was given without a thought!

* In Denton, Texas, workers will carefully replace 19 stadium lights,
but will leave the 20th one for two and a half months while the
Red Tailed Hawks finishes their task.

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