My sailboat and me

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I have a sailboat its the color
of the sky on a cloudless day.
The boat about the size of a
child hand.
It snow colored sail has the
shape of a three triangles.
We always sail together just my
boat and me.

Drifting in the air was fresh cut
Lilacs right near the water edge.
and my peppermint gum.
My lips would forms a whistle as I
blow and away we would go, over
the thumb size waves.
We go sailing with the wind in the warm
water, that covered me as if a blanket
on a cold winter day.

Boats sail on lakes, oceans, and you may
even see a sailboat made of clouds,
sailing in the sky above
However, mine I sail in my oval shaped
tub. Just my sailboat and me, makes two !

As if a whirlpool the water flows out of
my tub, gurgling just a a baby.
There will never be another moment
just like this one.

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