Strength of my inside

a poem by Terio Ruiz, USA

Without faith, hope and love, it is impossible to walk in greatness
Because life will bypass the swords and shields of my outside
And, at times, hold me hostage to test the strength of my inside

The three magic words are the tickets to the abundance of my success
They serve as my path to running parallel alongside the road of perfection
Reminding me that I’ll never manifest perennial excellence consistently
And also showing me that weakness plays a part in my ever-flowing strength

My faith ignites trust in me during the long and tiring process of uncertainty
My hope fuels my grip on the preferred outcome during periods of dimness
My love fires the will to hold on to each weak and strong link of my puzzle
Because I can’t live with my best without learning how to live with my worst

Nothing is as simple as it seems to arrive at being everything about me ideally
But my fear fades each day as I see each person inside as an accumulation of the best me.

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